With my plane Lelystad
With A. Starobinski 2014
With R. Kerr 2018
With R. Penrose 2016
With A. Linde 2012
With Belinski and Kalatnikov, Stockholm 2014

Conference Utrecht 2019, in honour of 20-year celebration of Nobel-prize of G.’t Hooft

MG15, Rome 2015

Timemachine factory conference Torino, 2019

Conference PASCOS Warsaw 2016
With Y.Choquet-Bruhat 2018 Rome
Without comment
Aveiro workshop 2017
Jerusalem, 1998
with M. MacCallum 2013
PhD defence 1986. Opposition G.’t Hooft
With Paul Davies, Poland 2016
MG14 Rome
GRB 1998- Look how it overshines the center of this galaxy.